Friday, March 23, 2012

The "Southern" Strategy

If you've been watching politics of late (and how can you avoid it, ad nauseum), you no doubt have heard that the so-called "Southern Strategy" or "Silent Majority" issues have been in the news again.

Liberals have been fanning the alleged racism of these terms, or more accurately, behind the political strategies involved. Interestingly enough, I found this linked article from the University of Michigan, which expresses another viewpoint worth considering—namely that racism wasn't so much the driving factor in the increasing conservatism of the South.

I think this needs some attention, since all conservatives are racists according to liberals. I'm honestly surprised that something like this—an alternative narrative—could come out of the U of M since most universities lean left and academic freedom to a leftist means squelching all other points of view.

Yes, I know. I'm painting with a broad brush—spray can is more like it. But today, I've got a "tude." You'll have to excuse me. The "tude" will pass when political season is over. I hope.

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