Thursday, March 08, 2012

Tribute to Davy Jones and the Monkees

If you get some time, watch this Youtube clip of The Monkees in concert last year. There are multi parts to it, and this is part one.

I haven't enjoyed something like this in a long time, not only for reliving some youth, but also for the obvious poke this concert is at the critics who said The Monkees were only a studio creation who couldn't play. As you'll see, they are in fine voices at their age, in the original keys, and ALL play their instruments with vigor. Even Davy Jones, who passed away recently.

I hope the surviving group can find a way to release this as a combined DVD in tribute to Davy. It really is a fine, fun, exuberant concert, and they're obviously all having a blast. Peter Tork really impresses with his energy on stage, especially having gone through cancer treatment over the past couple of years. Micky puts on a tour de force vocal performance along with guitar and drums. Davy plays guitar on occasion, and Peter plays both guitar and keyboards. Plus he does "Your Love Has Lifted Me Higher" on banjo - a real surprise.

The only sad part is that Michael Nesmith wasn't part of it. He once said, "I don't tour. Get over it." I have a hunch he might wish he had, at least this last one in 2011 given that it would be Davy's last.

And obviously, I can't close this out without a prayer request. Not sure of the beliefs of Tork or Dolenz, although I did see a quote that indicated Dolenz' atheism. "God is a verb, not a noun." Hmmm. Davy was reportedly Catholic or a church goer. Nesmith I think is sort of New Agey. Pray that Davy's passing will get them all (and the fans) thinking about eternity and their need for Christ.

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