Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Another Big Mouth Obscures the Gospel

I guess it was only a matter of time. The ridiculous Fred Phelps bunch has been losing airtime, so the media had to go out and find some other ultra-fundamentalist blowhard to take Phelps' place. Once that search was completed, they had to do their best to make it appear that churches like this represent the entirety of conservative, Bible-believing Christianity. And it does NOT.

About what am I talking? I am talking about this viral video of a North Carolina pastor. He is an ultra-fundamental Baptist of the King James 1611 version only variety. And he speaks of getting rid of homosexuals by rounding them up in camps and keeping them there until they all die out (because gays can't reproduce). The good reverend must forget about those who will still be born - or are still growing up - who will decide to head down the homosexual path. If God destroying everyone on the planet in the flood except for Noah and his people didn't work to eradicate homosexuality, the pastor's camp idea won't work.

Beyond that, such an idea is the farthest thing away from the true biblical message that I can fathom. In this day and age where clarity is needed, and the true Christian message is so easily distorted, this was the last thing we needed. Dr. Albert Mohler and other conservative Christian Bible scholars have called this fellow out, and rightly so. Add my name to the list of those calling him out.

Yes, the Bible says what it means and means what it says. The Bible—God's Word—declares homosexuality to be an abomination, for several reasons. It violates the created order God established for male-female relationships, the home and the family. It also sullies what marriage is supposed to symbolically represent—the union between male and female becoming one flesh symbolizing the union between Christ and His Church - the Bride of Christ. It truly is a serious sin in the eyes of God.

But sin in ALL of its manifestations is what Christ went to the cross to deal with - willingly - for His people. All of us have the sin nature, but it manifests itself in different people in different ways. The Apostle Paul mentions former homosexuals as converts in Scripture when reminding them of how Christ set them free . . . "such were some of you. But you were cleansed etc." That is the joy. That is the hope that we as Christians are to proclaim as we lovingly share the Gospel. Yes, we need to call sin what it is. Boldly and without apology. But we also need to show the love of Christ and compassion of Christ, knowing that we are only beggars who know where the bread is (thanks Bob Bennett). We call all to repentance through the Gospel, and it is the business of the Holy Spirit to draw people to Himself in saving faith. That is His sovereign work.

He does not call us to round up sinners into concentration camps. This "pastor" needs sharp rebuke, because he is distorting and obfuscating the Gospel he is supposed to be preaching.

P.S. One final comment. Ultra-fundamental Baptists aren't known for their willingness to listen. If you don't embrace them in every jot and tittle, you are every bit as liberal as Bishop Spong. They exercise separatism to a sad, unbiblical and dangerous level. Legalistic to the core. And it breaks the heart of God as much as the Pharisees broke the heart of God.

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