Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Chris Mitchum for Congress!

There is a Congressional race out in California to which I'd like to call your attention. Chris Mitchum is a Reagan Republican running in California's 24th District. As you no doubt note from either memory of his films or resemblance, he is the son of the late, great actor Robert Mitchum—one of my favorites.

As you'll see from his website, not much is being said about social issues, but rather it focuses mainly on economic issues. I think that probably will be the main issue in the upcoming presidential election, although President Obama's recent embrace of homosexual marriage might alter that equation a bit. I am not a resident of California any longer. I lived out there in the early 80s working in radio—the Los Angeles area. The 24th District is up around Ventura and Santa Barbara, if I understand it correctly. I am hoping Chris and other Republican candidates can manage to take control of the state back, and help take control of the country back. The U.S. is heading over a cliff under our current leadership. At high speed.

Ultimately, readers of this blog will know that I believe God is the ultimate arbiter of who leads the nations, and He does raise up leaders and depose leaders. At times, He judges nations. America is in trouble, but I do not believe it's too late to save our country. GOP does not stand for "God's Own Party," but by and large Republicans since Ronald Reagan have held to the right principles on social issues and economics. We get in trouble when we try to out-Democrat the Democrats, both in embracing their liberal social positions and their liberal spending practices. Sometimes I think the current leadership of the GOP forgets that principle. I am praying that Chris Mitchum and other Republicans running for office (and even some conservative Reagan Democrats) will be used by the Lord to set things to rights. But it won't and can't happen just through the ballot box. Some national repentance is in order, or else the woodshed we're in right now will only intensify.


Mitchum for Congress said...

Thank you, Joel, I appreciate the support. Glad I'm com in up on the radar. Working hard to get out the message. Would help if o could spread my website. I'm in a dead heat with Maldonado, the rhino "Lt. Governor who sold his swing vote the the Dems for the highest tax raise in CA history in return for their support for his appointment as Lt. Governor.

Kind regards,

Chris Mitchum
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Solameanie said...


You are very welcome. And I have hyperlinked your website in the post. Also on FB.