Friday, May 11, 2012

Dreams (Not the Stevie Nicks Kind)

I typically don't dream very often. Some friends tell me that's bogus. You're supposed to have many dreams in the course of the night and you just don't remember them unless you're having one when you wake up. I've never bought that theory. I just normally don't dream.

I am also not one of those who sees every dream as a message from God or an attack of the devil. While God certainly can send dreams and one can have nightmares, we can also have dreams simply based on things which have been on our minds, or memories.

I had one last night, and I'll leave it to you to fish it out, pun intended. Before the death of my beloved uncle Ernie back in June 2009, I used to head south to his lakeside home in Arkansas to fish twice a year. The fishing wasn't the only reason, of course. Many hours were spent in that boat with him, talking, laughing, remembering, sometimes serious sharing. Naturally, I would share my faith. He spent many years taking care of my aunt Diane, who struggled with MS since the late 1950s. After her 2008 passing, Ernie (who wasn't well himself) seemed to go downhill pretty quickly. He came down with CMML Leukemia, and after a brief moment of hopefulness that he'd be able to control it, in truth he was too weakened.

I dreamed last night that I was standing at the lakeshore fishing. When I turned around to head back up the hill to the house, I was shocked to see the pier gone. The boathouse and boats were gone. I looked up the hill to the house and garage, and both of them were gone. All that remained was a barren field. And I woke up with an intense sense of forlorn emptiness. And that got me wondering about Bible verses dealing with dreams, and that led me to Ecclesiastes, written by wise King Solomon under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

For in many dreams and in many words there is emptiness. Rather, fear God (Ecclesiastes 5:7)


Anonymous said...

When I was a Charismatic I would have poured all sorts of meaning into dreams.

Now, as a Reformed believer, I don't know.

Solameanie said...

And I would agree with you. As you no doubt noted, I am not one of those who chases dreams and visions. Scripture is sufficient.

Anonymous said...

I would only say that I find dreams like yours interesting. I think the message or thought was clear, but I wouldn't hang my hat on it.