Monday, May 21, 2012

A Good Steak

Blame it on El Dorado and Arthur Hunnicutt.

Yes, I must have led a sheltered existence not to have known there really is a famous restaurant in New York City called Delmonicos. And they say the "Delmonico" steak is pretty much a ribeye cut, albeit probably cooked in a certain way by the restaurant.

The late Mr. Hunnicutt played the character of "Bull" on El Dorado, which starred John Wayne and Robert Mitchum. There's a scene in which they were trying to get Mitchum's character to take a bath, and Hunnicutt said the jail cuisine would never be Delmonicos, "but the food would taste a heck of lot better if...."

My discovery of this reality actually happened a few years ago when I bothered to actually look Delmonicos up (on the internet, naturally). But someone was discussing good steak and Delmonicos, and that brought the memory to mind.

I love a good, charbroiled, well prepared steak. Thus far, the best one I've ever had was at a popular regional restaurant in southern Wisconsin called "The Gun Club." The original one burned down a couple of years back, and they've recently built a new one across the state line in Illinois. Haven't been there yet to judge, but I'd be surprised if it was anything near the original. We'll see.

Why such an odd post on the Seventh Sola for a Monday morning? Nothing political, cultural or theological? Well, I'd say a post on Delmonicos and El Dorado could be considered cultural. But beyond that, it's the Seventh Sola, where I can and will discuss just about anything. Within reason, of course.

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