Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The President and Gay Marriage: The Truth at Last

President Obama came out (pun intended) today and backed homosexual marriage. This BBC story has the details in case you want to read up on it. They snagged it from an ABC News  exclusive interview.

The only thing I am surprised about is why anyone is surprised. No matter what he says, I believe this was Obama's view all along, and that he fully intended to come out with this view when he thought the time was right, and the only reason he didn't come out with it sooner was and is for solely political reasons. I don't think his views have "evolved" one iota. Yes, Virginia, I am that cynical when it comes to politicians and especially this disaster of a president.

This illustrates the ongoing juggernaut of the homosexual movement in this country. It truly is the mouse that roars. Despite being a very tiny minority in the population, because their sinful behavior is celebrated in the entertainment culture, by the educational establishment, the psychiatric profession and the bulk of the lamestream media, the homosexual movement carries much more clout than it should. Now it's official: a sinful behavior God condemns is given the full Monty endorsement of our head of state. A sexual behavior is now afforded the same protected class as a racial/ethnic minority. What behavior will receive this kind of status next? Knowing unregenerate human nature, I can only imagine, and I'd rather not.

I think the Christian community in the United States is going to have to wake up to a very unpleasant truth. This is no longer the country it once was. Traditional morality and biblical values—a Judeo-Christian consensus on right and wrong even if society at large didn't necessarily embrace evangelical Christianity—are giving way to the new morality of anything goes. Why? We could probably point fingers to a number of things, including a church that has grown way too accommodationist rather than confrontational on these matters. We have grown pragmatic rather than biblical, and we no longer proclaim a biblical Gospel. We no longer preach on sin and repentance. Instead, we try to market the church like a new brand of potato chips. The salt has lost its savor.

I am not surprised, because this was all prophesied long ago for our world. The world is going to become a very, very nasty, brutish place before Jesus returns as judge and ruler of the nations. Christians—at least the ones who still hold to biblical truth—are going to become a increasingly unpopular people. The question is whether we will continue to remain faithful despite the braying crowd, or will we give in and surrender our biblical values in the onslaught of popular culture? Will we join Jesus outside the gate, remembering that the world hated Him before it hated us? Or will we cave? Will we preach Scripture—preach an unwatered-down Gospel—and let the Holy Spirit do what only He can do in drawing people to repentance? Or will we Osteenize our message into spiritual cotton candy that tastes sweet for a second, but melts away fast and leaves a bitter aftertaste?

Above all, will love drive us do to and say what is right? Because remaining silent or caving in to this is NOT showing the love of Christ. Judgment is coming. And if we fail to warn of it, we are not lovers of God or lovers of our fellow men. We are haters every bit as rank as those who revile Christians now.

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Anonymous said...

I sometimes wonder if judgment has already arrived.