Monday, May 28, 2012

Some Memorial Day Thoughts

Take a look at these two logos. It's hilarious. The first is the original logo of the International Socialist organization. The logo to the right is the new version. As if adding a rose to the clenched fist changes the goals of this organization.

Why am I posting this on Memorial Day? Because we have a whole lot of people out there who can't seem to understand that we have a whole lot of people out there who want international socialism. It doesn't necessarily have to be a carbon copy of the Soviet Union, but they want as much socialism as they can possibly get.

And I personally find that sad, because our military men and woman have sacrificed so much to allow the United States to retain our hard-won freedom from tyranny. Socialism, whether it's of the hard core communist variety or the milquetoast version of Western Europe, is NOT the kind of country our Founders envisioned. It is NOT the kind of country that the majority of people in the U.S. would have wanted throughout much of our history. But progressives know what they're doing. Get enough people dependent on the government for their livelihood, and it will be much easier to achieve the goal of a redistributionist society where "justice" prevails. Have a gander at the Socialist International website. They might have a red rose in their hand, but their overall goal remains the same. And if we're stupid enough in the future to fall for the lie of a socialist utopia, we'll deserve exactly what we'll get.

As for me and my house, we will not only serve the Lord, but will also hold to the American ideal as it was painstakingly assembled by faithful, patriotic men and women. And defended at a very high cost.

Happy Memorial Day, and thank you to our armed forces, past, present and hopefully future.

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Anonymous said...

the logo on the left is from the international socialist organization, which is trotsyist - the one on the right is the socialist international, which is multi-tendency democratic socialist - the two organizations don't have anything to do with each other, except that they are both socialist, and both international