Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Squackett: The New Album

While I haven't been able yet to download/buy this new album (pictured right) yet, I plan to eventually.

The project is called "Squackett," an amalgamation of the names of its progenitors, former Genesis lead guitarist Steve Hackett, and Yes bassist Chris Squire. For an album review, you can go to this link.

Steve is without doubt my favorite guitarist, and Chris Squire my favorite bassist - no one can make a Rickenbacker 4001 growl quite like Chris can. From what the review says, those expecting a totally prog rock album will probably be disappointed as the songs are more straightforward. I'll have to decide on that when I hear it. Prog is rather hard to define - odd time signatures, breaking out of the pop three-chord formula, song length, varied influences combining classical, jazz, pop and other styles. I certainly find it more intriguing and fulfilling than most of what I hear on air these days.

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