Friday, July 20, 2012

Let the Crass Idiocy Begin

I've had family visiting for the past several days, and have not been able to update the blog. They went home yesterday, and instead of resting, I have to wake up to this awful story about another mass shooting, this time in Aurora, Colorado. Truly terrible. Beyond terrible.

But what I find even more grotesque is the predictable yells for gun control and the blame game that begins in the media and on the left. Once again, their "never waste a good crisis" mentality comes to the fore. Rush Limbaugh is being blamed because he commented on what he saw as some political themes in the new Batman movie. ABC News commentators seem very eager to blame the Tea Party. They are all jumping up and down in glee because they've got some new tragedy to use, using the victims of an awful incident as useful political pawns.

Unfortunately for them, as Professor John Lott has demonstrated, gun control only produces the opposite result. But who in the media or on the left these days is truly interested in factual information? Their agenda is ripping the Second Amendment out of the Constitution, and disarming as many law-abiding Americans as possible so that we will all be at the mercy of a government that could go tyrannical at the drop of a hat.

I shouldn't even have to write a post like this so soon after a tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers ought to be with the victims instead of trying to see how we can use a tragedy to push a misguided political agenda.

For the first time in the history of The Seventh Sola, I am going to close comments to this post. I am flatly not in the mood to engage in idiotic arguments.