Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I Hate to Point out Hypocrisy . . .

But I Must When Violence is Involved!

Far-lefty media personality Sally Kohn took to Twitter in the wake of today's shooting at the Family Research Council office in Washington, D.C. She proceeded to tweet the following:

 extremist rhetoric casting gay people as molesters, criminals, threats to children justifies bullying and violence.

Now, let's back up just a minute. Go back over the months and years to every high-profile public shooting there has been, from Gabby Giffords in Arizona to any other one you want to pull up. In some cases, the left-supporting media and liberal politicians flapped their gums prematurely to try and tie conservatives or the Tea Party to the shootings, but in all cases, condemned the violence. Such violence should be condemned and I can agree with that part, but not the lies, distortions and usage of violence for political manipulation. 

And here we have a prominent liberal not only wildly distorting the message and mission of the Family Research Council, but she also flatly says that the FRC's beliefs justify the shooting. Appalling, grotesque, and evil. NOTHING justifies such violence. Sally will regret this statement, because she completely undercut the liberal mantra on tolerance and non-violence. They love the words, but when the end justifies the means, no holds barred. 

The Family Research Council was born years ago through the efforts of the beloved Dr. James Dobson to represent a traditional Christian approach to social and political issues. Though Dr. Dobson is no longer affiliated with the organization (at least I don't think he is), they have largely kept their mission through the years. I would like to see the "extremist" rhetoric Sally is citing, and I have a hunch that if it is seen in context and in complete form, it would paint quite a different picture. But even if—for the sake of discussion—that I accept her allegations as true, it by no means justifies some crackpot going into an office and trying to shoot people dead. 

Shame on you, Sally. 

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