Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pheh! Atheists.

The latest scene in the Atheists-Vs-Rest of Society Wars—Willow Springs Water Park in Little Rock, Arkansas. And here is the story in question via Fox News.

In the first place, I will say this much. If this guy with a public accommodation was going to offer discounts, such discounts should have been available to anyone, not just church groups. That is, unless there was some legal concern i.e. a nudist group. That seems to be the way anti-discrimination law is at the moment. As I understand it, when the atheist group objected to giving discounts to Christian groups, the owner of Willow Springs ended the discounts for everyone. Sad, but that seemed to him the logical thing to do.

But no. The uber-militant atheists still want to sue. Couple this with the obnoxious, rude, insulting billboards they are posting around the country etc, it's really become an exercise in self-immolation in public opinion. Even many who describe themselves as atheists such as S.E. Cupp and others decry these lawsuit-crazy, combative, ugly clowns and their tactics.

I would say for Christian businessmen as well as city governments and secular businesses - stand up to them. Don't let them cow you. The Rutherford Institute, The Center for Law and Justice and other legal organizations will help you. And in the event the court rules against you, I would almost be inclined to tell the court to stuff it as this was not how our Founders envisioned America and the jurisdiction - or the rulings - of courts that held our founding principles in their hearts. I would also hope some chief executives responsible for enforcement would remember that the executive branch is equal to the legislative and judicial. They are not subservient to the judicial. The legislatures should take action and by law remove this kind of crap from the jurisdiction of the courts, or abolish the court that does it. Play hardball.

And before someone chides me about the law of unintended consequences, believe me, I understand it. As a Christian and someone who believes in Romans 13 and the rule of law, that's a hard thing for me to say. But I see more and more our government becoming lawless. And under our system of government enshrined in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution, we the people have the right to alter and put a stop to nonsense.

Maybe it's going to be time for this soon. But it will take brave lawmakers, judges, law enforcement heads etc. Don't have time to flesh this out more coherently and logically at the moment. Right now, I am writing from the hip and ask that you understand this. There may well be holes in this post that I am not seeing at the moment because I am too aggravated. So consider this post "thinking out loud," and I may eventually moderate my view somewhat.

But right now, I'm mad.

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Shelly's Garden said...

I would have done the same, ended the discounts altogether. A business owner should be able to offer a discount to whatever group he wants to, it is his business after all. And he wasn't saying atheists, nudists, little people, blue eyed people can't come to his business at all, they just don't get a discount. How is that any different than a senior discount or women's night out at a bar, or kids eat free??

And yes, it is about time we take a stand against aggressive, militant, anti Christian atheists.