Monday, August 06, 2012

The Perfect Smiley

A little humor to begin the week. I once saw the sarcastic smiley to the right several years ago on a T-shirt. I thought about getting it, but put it off.

Fast forward a couple of years, and the T-shirt seems to no longer be available, at least from what I can find on line. I love the expression. It fits me to a tee, especially after watching the news.


Matthew Beech said...

Here is a link with the shirt for sale, but it is only in dark earth tones. Still, pretty close!

Solameanie said...

Thanks, Matthew! I will check it out. I have seen several different versions of the expression. Some seem more angry/harsh/outright malicious, while others show more cynical amusement, and that's more the mood I look for. The original one I saw years ago was in a "Cheaper than Dirt" magazine for sports shooters/hunters/campers.

crownring said...

Here's a window sticker for you, Sola.

I thought of you and this blog post the moment I saw it. LOL!