Tuesday, September 18, 2012

If It Were Only Cops and Robbers...

The photo to your left was borrowed from today's Drudge Report. It was taken at one of the never-ending Palestinian demonstrations in Gaza or the West Bank.

Now, if this were simply a shot of a little boy playing "Cops and Robbers" or "Cowboys and Indians" as we used to do when little, I don't think most would pay it much mind. It was only a game, and we kids knew it was a game. We had no intention of really going out and shooting or killing anybody. But this photo is in a bit of a different context in the rancorous Middle East where hatred of Israel and anything Jewish is near-pathological.

No, these children are not playing cops and robbers. Many of them are taught from their earliest days to hate and eventually kill Jews, the hated "occupiers" of Arab/Palestinian land and the "oppressors" of their people. It's drilled into them like a catechism. And when they get big enough, many of them act out on it.

It's sad. Beyond sad. And those who are responsible for teaching children to hate and kill will be held directly accountable by the Creator Himself.

Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe to stumble, it would be better for him if, with a heavy millstone hung around his neck, he had been cast into the sea (Mark 9:42).

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