Monday, September 03, 2012

Too Many Books

I still haven't gotten to the hypocrisy post yet, and wonder if I need bother since some of the conservative blogs have dealt with it. We'll see. But right now, I don't have time and I'm not in the mood. I'd rather kvetch about something else.

I have books. Lots of books. I should post a picture of my study. I don't have room for them all, and I've been procrastinating about building another shelf for the ones piled up on the already full shelves.

I have a quandary. There are many books on my shelves that are worthy volumes to peruse. Some are not so worthy. Some have great theology, and others have horrendous theology. I have the discernment to know the difference, and I keep those horrendous volumes for reference in the event I have to deal with the theological error in question.

But I have no children. I am a bachelor. One of these days, I will assume room temperature unless the Lord returns and translates me to Heaven as is His promise for "all who alive and remain" at His Second Advent. If that happens, what will those who have to dispose of my few earthly possessions do with all these books? And given that the majority of my family do not share my evangelical faith, I would hate to leave behind a book that might mislead them into thinking I endorse what's in it.

A former ministry colleague used to have a stamp for his books like that: "Contains Heresy. Do Not Believe." Maybe that's the solution. I suppose I could have a bonfire out back, but there is just some visceral reaction I have against burning books. Martin Luther said once that if he could be shown his teachings were unbiblical, he'd be the first to cast them in the fire. I sympathize completely. I'd hate to stand behind everything I've written since I could put pen to paper. It's all the more important when eternal matters are at stake.

But when you are in apologetics ministry, original resource is often vital to make your case about the heretical teachings of a cult or false religion. When it's in their own writings, they can't tell people you're making it all up.

And there's always the issue of having to move. I will not be able to maintain this house and property forever. It already tires me out and I don't have the time to care for it as I'd like even now. Just the thought of boxing all those books up and carrying them out to a truck, up stairs and down stairs. AAUGH!

I got myself into this, and I'll have to get myself out of it.

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