Monday, October 01, 2012

Christian Conservatives Vs. Libertarians

When it comes to political arguments, one that I have done my best to stay out of (as much as possible) is the "conservative vs. libertarian" argument in the Republican Party.

Of course, there is a "Libertarian Party" proper, but the GOP has a significant libertarian wing in it, represented most notably by Congressman Ron Paul of Texas. The two sides can get quite contentious with each other.

The other day, I came across what I thought was a very thoughtful article in The American Thinker. Written by Jeremy Egerer, it basically discusses why the author chooses to identify with conservatism rather than libertarianism as a political philosophy. You'll notice that I didn't put the word "Christian" in this paragraph although the author did include that in his title (However, I did put it in the blog post title above). The reason I didn't is that there are genuine Christians in both camps. This is an effort made by one side of this argument to declare his heart on the matter. Worth reading and pondering.

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