Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dinesh D'Sousa Resigns and Scandal

I don't normally bump a post for a day, especially when you've been posting as rarely as I have these days. But today's news about the resignation of Dinesh D'Sousa as president of Kings College over a divorce scandal merits immediate comment. 

You can read the linked article for the gist of the story. The Christian news magazine "World," broke the story, and now it's all over The Christian Post and other media outlets. The allegations are that Dinesh, who has been separated from his wife for two years, stayed the night at a hotel with another woman not his wife, and reportedly represented her as his "fiance" even though still married.

I will take no position on this in terms of Dinesh's guilt or innocence. Obviously the matter was serious enough that he had to step down from Kings College. My greatest concern is spiritual for the sake of Dinesh, his estranged wife, his family, and yes—even the young woman involved. I pray for the reconciliation of his marriage and restoration to full productivity for the Kingdom. I pray for repentance where repentance is necessary, and salvation if that has not yet truly taken place.

I can't also help but be concerned with the timing of this story. Dinesh's movie about Barack Obama, called 2016, has been tearing up the theatres and might have an impact on the election as it vets the president like the media refused to vet the president. But now, we have this scandal, and like it or not, the left can use it and have a field day once again with a conservative who has clay feet. Remember Mark Foley? Remember Congressman Livingston? Remember Senator Vitter? The GOP is supposed to be the party of family values, and all stories like this do is shred credibility. "People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones." It is beyond sad. So predictable. And it all could have been avoided. It is hard to be someone so smart can be so politically naive.

Scripture says that teachers will be held under a stricter judgment. It's proving true yet again.

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