Thursday, October 11, 2012

Police Brutality

To have to post a story like this pains me. The dateline is Milwaukee, Wisconsin, of all places.

Most people who know me or follow my blog (despite its sporadic nature in the past year or so) know that I'm typically a law-and-order conservative. My general reaction is to support the police, having many friends in law enforcement. That includes officers and judges.

But since September 11, 2001, and the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, I've noticed a trend that I don't like. We keep hearing more and more reports of police brutality such as that described in the linked article. We live in a free society, and the purpose of the police is—as always—to protect and to serve. We do not live in a police state, where authorities can abuse people at will and get away with it. At least not yet.

I am not going to convict these officers here. I am hopeful that a fair hearing will take place, and if they are innocent, that they will be exonerated. If guilty, I hope they will be fired immediately and never work in law enforcement again.

The police have a tough job. There are a whole lot of evil creeps out there. Dangerous creeps. Sometimes the police have a legitimate reason to get rough when they take someone into custody who resists arrest, or who might be armed and dangerous. But when we continually see video such as the type we saw from New Orleans during Katrina, or this Milwaukee situation, or the dash cam videos where officers are dragging women out of cars by their hair and slamming them headfirst on the trunk of the car, it's a sign that things are going too far and need to be reined in.

When a society gives its liberty up, it's very very difficult to get it back. Bloodshed is a virtual certainty. Let's not let things get that far, okay?

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