Friday, November 30, 2012

Never Waste a Good Crisis!

Most of us have heard the old adage, "The thing we learn from history is that we never learn from history." Well, I am a student of history and I do try to learn. What I have found, however, is that those of us who are students of history and give warnings are often in the same boat as the mythological Cassandra. We are seldom heeded until it's too late.

We're hearing a lot about the so-called "fiscal cliff." If Congress and Barack Obama don't come to some sort of agreement before the end of the year, automatic spending cuts kick in and the nation heads over the cliff into an economic Armageddon.

Folks will call me nuts for this, or a conspiracy theorist. I really don't care. I do know my history, and I do know the mindset of this group of clowns we have in power at the moment. Out of their own mouths, they have said "Never waste a good crisis." This attitude has permeated the Obama Administration from Day One.

In my opinion, Obama and his acolytes WANT an economic collapse. Why do I make such a charge? Let's go back in history to the period after the 1929 stock market crash and the onset of the Great Depression. Republican President Herbert Hoover took it on the chin for the Depression, although his term had barely begun. He believed (and I think rightly) that you let the market work itself out and economic recovery will eventually happen due to market forces. It is not my purpose with this post to argue over how much government intervention there needs to be in an economic collapse. My mother lived through the Depression in the South, and it was no picnic. The photo above shows jobless men and women waiting for a meal of coffee and donuts. The Depression was horrible.

There were no doubt things Hoover could have done to lessen the impact on the neediest folks. But my underlying point is what Franklin Delano Roosevelt did. He took full advantage of the situation, blaming Hoover for it all. Then, once elected to office, the economic chaos and the demands of people for help based on their own understandable self-interest gave him exactly what he wanted—the grounds to greatly expand federal power at the expense of states and local governments. He used compassion as a cynical means to an end. His ultimate goal was expanded federal power. If that meant self-reliance and individual freedom took a back seat, so be it. And he largely got his way. But Roosevelt did not end the Depression. World War II ended the Depression.

Fast forward to today. The United States is again teetering over the edge with economic malaise and trillions of dollars of debt. The balloon will burst. Republicans see the danger of the exploding debt, while also understanding that taxing job creators will do nothing to help economic growth. But President Obama and the big government Goodie Bag are tempting Sirens. If there is an economic collapse, the Republicans will again get the blame. And Obama will seize the opportunity to greatly expand federal power way beyond what even FDR dreamed was possible. Count on it.

And sadly, most people cannot or will not see it. People like me are nutcases.

We'll see.

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DebbieLynne said...

Far from a nut-case, you hit the nail on the head!