Friday, December 21, 2012

Demonizing the NRA

It is a shame that here—only a few days before Christmas—we have to focus on guns, violence and society. A bit ironic also, because the little baby born in the stable and laid in a manger, the Savior of the world and the Creator Himself, is the ultimate solution for the ills that plague society. When one repents of their sins and trusts in Christ for salvation, certain things follow. The Holy Spirit indwells the believer, day by day conforming us into His image. Most importantly, enabling us to live the kind of lives God wants us to live. We learn how to love one another. And when we love one another (and love God), we're not out conducting mass murder.

I hope to put up a Christmas-themed post before Christmas, but in the wake of the NRA news conference today, I thought I should make some comment about it. Heaven knows, the rabid left and their media acolytes will.

You'll notice I used a drawn picture of an "average family." Why? Glad you asked!

NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre made many excellent points and observations in his press statement. He didn't take questions, probably smart given the hostility of the media to the 120+year-old organization and our constitutional right to keep and bear arms. I read the Reuters account of the presser, and had to chuckle because of their inaccuracy on several counts. They called the NRA "press shy," which is laughable. The NRA usually has a tough time getting its message out via the "mainstream" media because everyone has to filter out the bias of the reporters and editorializing over the top of their statements. Two protesters stood up and began screaming in the midst of LaPierre's remarks and had to be forcibly removed. True to form, instead of addressing the FACTS that LaPierre was giving in his presser, they insisted "How do you answer these protests?" I guess they weren't listening to what Wayne was saying.

From the media to politicians to activists, the NRA is a favorite whipping boy today. They demonize the organization and its leadership as if they were personally responsible for Connecticut, Colorado, or any other atrocity committed with a firearm. Ridiculous of course, but to the propagandists that love to wave bloody shirts to guilt-trip people into accepting their demands for social-ill solutions, who cares if it's ridiculous and untrue.

Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill no less pretty much said the same thing when she in essence told the NRA to stick it, and demanding that it "come out of hiding." Pretty stupid and risky from a rural, gun-owning state like Missouri. The NRA has been training police, military, etc. for decades as far as safety issues, and has spoken out repeatedly on punishing perpetrators of violence and gun crimes. But no, McCaskill wanted to wave the bloody shirt because she thought she smelled a chance to kick an opponent in the groin.

Now let me make MY point. McCaskill, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and NY Senator Chuckie Schumer, President Barack Obama, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, etc. all miss a very vital point. The NRA is not a nameless, faceless organization. The NRA is made up of law-abiding, patriotic men, women and yes, teens and children. People like me and maybe people like you. Four million members across the United States. And now, there will be likely more as the zealots mentioned above and others will do their best to take advantage of this situation, and impose nonsensical gun legislation that will violate MY (and YOUR) Second Amendment rights. I am the NRA. And when you insult the NRA, you insult me. A voter and a taxpayer, to whom this issue is vitally important. Don't try guilt-tripping me. Non causa pro causa. It won't work, and I'm getting tired of it.

It's been said before, and it must be said again. The Second Amendment was not put into the Constitution to protect hunters. It was put into the Constitution so the American people would always have the means to defend itself from a government gone tyrannical. And don't think it can't happen here. It can. I'll never forget the late Senator Ted Kennedy, beet-red in the face and at his bloviating, huff-puffing best, overdoing his "outrage" at such a notion when this was pointed out in a Congressional hearing. "OUR government?!? Tyrannical? OUR government?!?"

Yes, Ted. OUR government, if it ever gets into the hands of thoroughly evil men and women. We have enough now in power who hate our country's noble history. They're enamored of Europe, Asia and Latin America, where totalitarian regimes don't have to pay attention to us—the great unwashed. They'd love a system where they could rule by fiat and do what they want, no matter how we the people feel about it.

We have enough people originally from outside this country (such as the despicable George Soros) who do not value its history or understand what the American Revolution was all about, who are now in this country as citizens, trying to radically make this nation into something the Founders never would countenance.

We believe in freedom, and in holding on to the things given to us by the Founders to help us maintain that freedom. We believe in law and order, and decency. We are also not misty-eyed idiots who refuse to recognize the true, fallen nature of man that needs restraint, idiots who think the government could NEVER do anything wrong, or would EVER trample on our basic rights.

I believe in freedom, and I'm getting tired of those who want to take mine away. I don't think I'm alone in that feeling, either. Votes count, and this man will be watching and voting in every local, state and federal election. I will only vote for those who will hold to our Founding Principles. It's time we sent that message loud and clear, and it's time we refuse to fall for the false guilt that zealots are trying to foist on us.

Are you with me?

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lee n. field said...

It's been an interesting couple weeks. First, Moore vs. Madigan came down, and the 7th Circuit tells Illinois that no carry won't fly, and the last no-carry state has to leave the bad part of the 20th century behind. And hard on the heels of that, Newtown. Interesting how that happens.

There's been a lot of electrons spilt. This is an essay I think worth pondering: Sultan Knish: Gun Culture and Gun Control Culture

"What liberals think of as gun culture is really shorthand for rural America. It's what liberals won't say, but it's what they mean. Americans are still sentimental about the village, so, for now, the number of movies that portray the rural community as ideal, rather than a hive of small-minded bigots, is still rather high. But there are backdoor ways of getting at the same topic and talking about gun culture is one of them.

"The left cannot talk about how much it hates this country. Gun culture is one of its dog whistles. A way to talk about how much it hates America without actually saying it out loud where everyone can hear. ..."

Worth a read. We are two nations, and I don't see them even hearing what we say.