Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Pyrrhic Victory for the Boy Scouts?

As if Bible-believing Christians and believers in traditional morality needed another punch in the gut these days, the latest one comes courtesy of the Boy Scouts of America leadership.

Please read this article from the Christian Post. The article contains the reactions of conservative Christian leaders about the news that the National Boy Scouts organization is considering dropping its prohibition on homosexuals serving as Scout leaders. I concur with Dr. Richard Land and Dr. Al Mohler on this issue. As someone who was a Webelo Scout when I was a child, I have an interest in this matter, and I wrote to the Scouts leadership to express my views. I would recommend that other former Scouts who share our concerns also write. You can send your email to PR@scouting.org

I use the term "pyrrhic victory" because the Scouts have won the legal battles on this matter up to the Supreme Court. Why give in to such a tiny minority of the population, even if they can scream loud and have the backing of the media and entertainment industry? But cave in they may. You might well make the difference on whether they stand firm or cave.

I will have some more to say on this tomorrow.

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