Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Another Legendary BBQ Gone

Today is a mourning post. The legendary Couch's Barbecue in Jonesboro, Arkansas, is no more.

From what I am reading online, the original family sold the restaurant to a new owner back in 2011, and this article was published afterward. Apparently, the new owner was unable to make a go of it. Assuming he didn't change the food or sauce recipe any, it saddens me how a business can be there for generations, and as soon as some fancy new chain restaurant comes to town, the old Mom and Pop places get run out of business. And the food isn't anywhere near as good.

Then later on, people will begin lamenting and bellyaching, missing the old restaurant. Hmmm. Perhaps they should have thought about that when they quit going to it in favor of the new kid in town.

Couch's Barbecue Sauce was stunningly good. Nothing tasted better on pulled pork or charcoal-broiled ribs. I used to go down when I could still travel and bring back bottles. The last time, I had to order a gallon of it because I couldn't travel to AR.

Now, it's gone. A sad day.

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