Friday, January 04, 2013

Shred the Constitution? Really?

So, you thought I was a wild-eyed loon when I warned in the past (and now) that there are influential people who want to put our U.S. Constitution through the shredder. Well, well, well. Maybe I'm not a loon after all, and this male Cassandra was correct!

Georgetown University law professor Mike Seidman (pictured left) is just one of those people. Read the article and weep. Fox News is interviewing the professor just now as I type and post this.

Seidman bemoans the Constitution being written by a bunch of dead men, calls it downright evil in some provisions, and thinks it needs to be ditched. He bemoans the fact that it's so hard to amend, among other things. I hate to tell the professor, but that's precisely the point, and exactly WHY the Founders wrote it that way. These were timeless principles intended to be preserved, with the rights and liberties of the people protected, and the power of the government strictly proscribed within limits. They realized that the advance of time might make some amendment necessary, but they didn't want some future bunch of power-hungry, career politicians scrapping its provisions willy-nilly. They made the Constitution hard to amend on purpose. And they were wise to do so.

Funnily enough, Professor Seidman says this isn't a "right-left" issue, and he agrees with the NRA on guns. What he doesn't realize is that if he got his wish, he could kiss those guns goodbye along with most, if not all, of the rest of our rights and freedoms.

This stuff is out there folks. And it's being taught to your children, teens and young adults in schools for which YOU are paying. Wake up, speak up, and do something about it!

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