Friday, February 08, 2013

Dr. Ben Carson: Speaking Truth to Power

You never know for sure what's going to happen at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C. these days. By most accounts, the one this past week was a barnburner thanks to a renowned neurosurgeon.

First, read this Washington Times account of the event, where Dr. Carson shared the platform with President Obama. Dr. Carson's message was a direct rebuttal of many Obama Administration policies—especially on health care and dealing with poverty—and judging from the body language from the president, Obama was seething.

And not only the president is seething. Dr. Carson's solid 2X4 to the hornets' nest brought all the lefty hornets out in attack mode. Most are going after Dr. Carson for being "rude" or some such tommyrot. Some are trying to register disagreement with Dr. Carson's policy prescriptions, based both on his medical experience and Scripture. (Yes, Virginia, it WAS a prayer breakfast).

My thoughts? This probably rankles the left because Dr. Carson is African-American, and does not fall in lockstep with them and their media acolytes in swallowing whatever comes out of the Administration's mouth. I thought it was delicious. Dr. Carson was speaking truth to power.

That's what the media is supposed to do as the "Fourth Estate." But the media as watchdogs on power are moribund. They need resurrection. Actually, that's not quite accurate. They can be watchdogs, that is, on conservative Republican Administrations and lawmakers. But put a liberal in office, and the media by and large serve as attack dogs for anyone who disagrees.

I love it when a spokesman shows up who is articulate, knowledgable, biblically grounded, and can throw a hard right jab right back in their jaws.

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lee n. field said...

Hope he doesn't get taken out by a drone.