Monday, February 25, 2013

God's "Unforgivable" Sovereignty

Excuse the photoshopped pix to the right. But it illustrates the main point of my comments today

If you are in Christian circles very long—or even among the hateful atheist crowds who lust for challenges against God's existence—the issue of good vs. evil, right vs. wrong, and God's ultimate rule come into play.

I'll state my viewpoint on this very quickly, more than anything else because I am battling a respiratory infection and don't feel like a long post. All I ask is that you just stretch your brain a bit.

This admittedly is simplistic for such a large subject, but it is illustrative of my main point. Imagine for a moment that you come up with a movie, story, play, script, drama, comedy, game, you name it. You are the creator, author, etc. You know better than anyone else what you had in mind, what your purpose is etc. On the game level, the creator of the game has the absolute right to make the rules. It's his/her game after all. Let's say you're the author of a novel. You know what you intend for each character, the timeline, plot devices, history, etc. You're the master. You make the rules, you set the stage, you have the absolute right to do so.

Let's then stretch that out to creation. God is the Creator. He is Sovereign. He has the absolute right as Creator, King, Master, Author, Savior, Lord and God—to make the rules for His creation. He is the definer of right and wrong. No one . . . and I mean NO ONE . . . has the right to challenge Him.

This is the one thing that mankind finds unforgivable in mankind's arrogance. Mankind LOVES to sit in judgment on God. The very fact that a human being could possibly do something worthy of spending eternity in Hell separated from the Creator is abhorrent at a gut level. But that in and of itself is demonstrative of man's fallenness. Scripture explains and foretells it. Even in the end, right before the return of Jesus Christ as Judge, evil man shakes his/her fist at the Almighty rather than repent and admit that they have sinned and fallen short of God's requirements. And the hardest thing for mankind to fathom is that the Creator Himself willingly paid the price for human sin on the cross, and through trust in Him and what He did on that cross, mankind can be completely forgiven, restored, regenerated, and have a wonderful future in fellowship with the Creator.

But the vast majority of mankind can't stand it. They won't be ruled by anybody. Even if the whole planet is wiped out as the domino effects of man's arrogance topple, the fist will still be shaken.

I call that supreme stupidity.

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