Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day?!?

I guess it was only a matter of time. Sigh.

In normal circumstances, Valentine's Day would be the last subject on which I'd make a blog post—confirmed, determined bachelor and decidedly unromantic as I am. However, in the past few days I've seen three commercials that I can't let pass by without comment. Because I find them flatly odious.

The first thumbs down goes to the Vermont Teddy Bear Company. If you watch their commercials, either for the small Teddies, the big Teddie, or their pajamas/HoodieFooties, the message is the same although not worded as baldly as I'll put it. Get your sweetheart one of these teddy bears or comfy PJ items for Valentine's Day, and it will pay off for you in the sack. One of the men in the commercial even looks at the camera and gives a knowing wink.

That's the motivation for remembering your loved one on Valentine's Day? Give a gift to get laid? Whatever happened to just giving something nice for the sake of loving your wife? (Or girlfriend, but The Seventh Sola adheres to the Christian biblical principle of no sex outside of marriage.) Maybe they intend it to be cute, but if I was a woman, I'd be pretty offended.

The next commercial comes to us courtesy of K-Y Jelly. "Want to give him something for Valentine's Day? Why not give him yourself (with help from our specially packaged lubricants)? Until this year, I have never seen a television commercial like this. The never-stopping commercials for Viagra, Cialis and other sexual pills are bad enough. I've had to stop myself from praying for severe side effects on the takers that will impact that particular portion of the body. Given, some men do have medical issues that they need addressed. But do the rest of us have to hear about it? Talk to your doctor, get your pills and shut up.

Finally—and this one takes the cake—a website "dating service" called "What's Your Price?" Excuse me?!? I don't think I have to spell out what that sounds like. If you even have a modicum of astuteness, I don't need to go any further. What's next? The House of the Rising Sun begins building chains and franchises across the U.S.???

Okay, rant over. But folks, this is really getting on my nerves to a revolting level. I'm surprised I hear little other comment on this stuff. Are we that jaded and desensitized? We must be. And God help us.

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