Sunday, February 10, 2013

One More Thought on Dr. Carson and Obama

While the Dr. Benjamin Carson vs. President Barack Obama story may not have legs too much longer, I feel the need to make one more comment.

To listen to Bob Beckel and the majority on the left—and allegedly by conservatives such as Cal Thomas—Dr. Carson was unforgivably rude to take on Obama and his policies face to face at the National Prayer Breakfast.

I have to disagree. Power needs to hear truth, especially when a sycophantic media refuses to do its job and confront power with the hypocrisy, contradictions and other problems with its policies.

In Scripture, King David did wrong. Admittedly, his sin with Bathsheba and Uriah the Hittite wasn't an exact parallel, but the idea that people who are in the position of governing and cannot be reproached for wrong policies—even evil or sinful policies—because it's "rude" is patently ridiculous.

The danger for someone speaking truth to power was much more dangerous in the days of absolute monarchy, when the king or queen could send you to the dungeon or chop off your head with only a word. But in America, where we the people are the ultimate authority, we have the RIGHT and DUTY to challenge those whom we elect and put in power. If Barack Obama, or a Senator, a Representative, state legislator, governor, mayor, county board chairman—you name it—steps out of bounds, we have the right to call them on the carpet, even if it bruises their precious little egos.

In the case of Barack Obama, he has plenty of ego and narcissism to spare. I have seen enough of old footage of him taking a stand on an issue prior to his election to the presidency, only to flat out lie when he takes the exact opposite position and insist that his current stance has always BEEN his position. He needs to be verbally slapped down and hard.

And if this Benghazi situation continues to develop as it has been, I can see impeachment and removal from office as a very real option. That, of course, assumes that Democrats will do what Republicans did during the Nixon Administration. We did the right thing and joined with Democrats to remove from office a president who very clearly did the wrong thing. We did it despite party. Will the Democrats do the same to one of their own? I kind of doubt it, given the nature of most Democrats. But I hope they prove me wrong.

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