Friday, March 08, 2013

Bucket List: G2 Definitive Genesis

As most readers of The Seventh Sola know, Genesis is my favorite band. There are numerous tribute groups out there, and I'm glad because they're keeping the torch going now that the band itself is on hiatus, perhaps permanently.

There is one of the tribute groups I've long wanted to see—G2 Definitive Genesis. I am here linking to their website so you can check them out.

Unfortunately, they pretty much only gig in the UK or Europe. I don't think they've made it to the States yet, which would be an expensive venture. They are known for faithful reproductions of the band's most classic songs, and staging with gorgeous lighting. The website has some great photos. I even see what looks like a Shergold doubleneck bass and 12-string in there somewhere.

So, just a little shoutout to some guys who love great, innovative music, and love to play it.

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