Sunday, March 03, 2013

Illinois Gun Rights Battle Goes On

(You just KNEW I'd pick a film noir photo for this post, didn't you?"

The latest on the battle for the Second Amendment in Illinois courtesy of the Freeport Journal Standard. Read with annoyance.

It frustrates me to no end how Chicago can ram its will down the throats of the rest of us in the state. The Illinois House fell just short of advancing a bill allowing concealed carry for law-abiding citizens. Opposition mostly from Chicago lawmakers and Governor Quinn is holding the bill back.

The Illinois Sheriff's Association backs the firearm freedoms of the state's citizens. Illinois State Rep. Jim Sacia is a former FBI agent, and he backs the firearm freedom of Illinois citizens. So do many other law enforcement officials. And even though the State Police are on record as opposing the bill, when you read between the lines, they are under the authority of anti-gun Governor Pat Quinn (D). I suspect if they had a pro-Second Amendment governor, their stance would reverse.

Because I was in broadcasting, I've had the privilege of knowing quite a few law enforcement officers, sheriffs, police chiefs, prosecutors etc. Some are friends to this day. And almost without exception, they back the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens to own firearms.

Chicago is a shooting gallery and murder capital because of the incompetence of the city's leadership. And instead of going after the drug gangs and criminals who are the cause of the violence, they'd rather tie a noose around the necks of the people so they can't defend themselves. Typical.

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