Tuesday, April 02, 2013

"Millennial Evangelical Youth" Need More Orthodoxy

I have to honestly say I don't always enjoy all I read in The Christian Post. They have some really great articles, but also at times give space to things better left unpublicized, or at least reported on more critically.

However, this article by Napp Nazzworth is a great read, and in my humble opinion, spot on.

The Institute for Religion and Democracy hosted a panel at Wheaton College on engaging young evangelicals in this challenging generation. The key speaker makes the excellent case that the up and coming generation needs more biblical orthodoxy, and much less emoting and "Oprahization" of the faith.

But I don't want to leave all the candy on the floor. Give the article a read and pass it around. And give the Institute for Religion and Democracy a check out also. They're a committed group of biblically conservative folks trying to restore biblical orthodoxy in mainline denominations.

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