Monday, April 08, 2013

ObamaCare Hits Home

My weekend trip to the grocery store ended up being more maddening than usual. Before I tell you why, check out this story from The Hill. Apparently, the Democrats are getting worried about ObamaCare melting down before their eyes and becoming more unpopular with the electorate.

Anyway, back to the local grocery store. We saw a friend of ours who is a cashier at the store, and we were concerned that we had not seen her in some time. Come to find out, she is now only working two days a week. The grocery store, being unable to afford the costs of ObamaCare, had to reduce the majority of its staff to part-time, cancel their insurance benefits, and on top of it, no more vacation time. Several employees quit outright, and other older workers cut their own hours back, feeling it's not worth it to put in the time if you aren't adequately compensated.

No doubt, ObamaCare's most ardent supporters will charge the grocery store owners with being "UNFAIR!!!" - but face it—this is reality for many small businesses. They simply can't afford what the government is trying to force them to do. So everyday working people—the very ones Obama and his cohorts claim to care about so much—are the ones getting kicked in the keister. I hope they remember at the next election.

Sadly, I have little doubt that O's team are happy with this. They will next come down the pike with insisting that the country move to a single payer system—100% government run health care, which will lead to rationing boards and all of the things conservatives have been warning about for quite some time.

We'll be sorry in the long run. Very sorry.


lee n. field said...

It'll be sooner than "the long run", I strongly suspect.

Solameanie said...

You may well be right. I'm already seeing signs of it in dealing with my Mom's care. She'll be 90 in June and we've had all sorts of fun from the government this year.