Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Remembering Margaret Thatcher

Having begun my past radio career in 1978, I remember very well the days when the late Margaret Thatcher made the news the following year—the first female prime minister in Great Britain. Yesterday, the Iron Lady passed away from a stroke. This story from ASSIST News has the essentials. Reading through Twitter and other news sites, I was surprised to see the level of vehemence that exists in some circles about Margaret Thatcher, but perhaps I shouldn't have been. Even when Ronald Reagan died here in the United States, there was quite a lot of vitriol aimed in his direction from the left. Sad, but so it goes.

Today, though, I want to leave you with a story that should leave a different taste in your mouth, and teach us all something. Think about a bomber for the Irish Republican Army terror group, and an aide to Margaret Thatcher. Can't imagine two more polar opposites, can you? Well, you'll love this ASSIST story as well, because it shows how these two polar opposites were reconciled in Jesus Christ. Yes, it can happen.

We need more of it.

Addendum: London's Daily Mail has a nice write up on Lady Thatcher and her career.

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