Wednesday, May 08, 2013

"Evangelicals" for Hamas?!?

I have known of Walid Shoebat for some time. Back when I was still co-hosting a radio program, we had Walid on as a guest and he shared his wonderful testimony of coming to faith in Christ.

Today, Walid posted this warning article about an organization conducting a campaign to undermine support for Israel. You'll note in the article that Walid references their connection to the Emergent Church movement, and as soon as I saw that, I knew what was going on. And I am not surprised. Irritated, but not surprised. I've been dealing with the EC and battling their theology/worldview for several years now.

In a way, even though I find it troubling that purported evangelicals would even be remotely supportive of a terrorist organization (though they deny this), I'm glad that this is back in the scope sights. People have had the mistaken assumption that the Emergent Church is an old issue, they've gone away and are no longer a threat to evangelical churches. Not so. They're still here, and they're still pushing.

You can find back posts on The Seventh Sola on the EC and read up on it. There are also several excellent books that have been written to deal with the movement's errors. Phil Johnson, the executive director of Dr. John MacArthur's Grace to You ministry, has done outstanding seminars on this subject, and I think they're still available via the Shepherd's Conference website or GTY.

There are different levels of Emergent/Emergence/Emerging churches. Some are more conservative theologically and others are way off the scale liberal. It can be very frustrating to deal with them because of their approach to propositional truth. It's been said talking to an Emergent and trying to pin them down on what they believe is like "nailing jello to the wall." That's not far off the mark. In essence, the idea behind the Emergent Church was to reach a generation that embraced postmodernism and rejected absolute truth, certainty, authority etc. Unfortunately, instead of trying to reach postmoderns with the Gospel, quite a few ended up becoming postmodern themselves, throwing biblical orthodoxy right out the window. In addition to their low view of the authority of the Bible, many of them also have a very dim view of premillennial eschatology, hence their low view of Israel.

And now, some of them are seemingly legitimizing Hamas for reasons of "justice?" Sad. But not surprising.

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