Thursday, May 02, 2013

Update on Yesterday's Military Story

I am indebted to Ed Stetzer for the article linked here related to yesterday's report on the military going after people for witnessing. It appears the Pentagon says the story is false, and since I posted the Todd Starnes/Fox News website article yesterday, I felt compelled to share Ed's well done update on the situation. 

It is so easy these days—no matter how careful we think we're being—to pass on stories that come via email or from sources we typically trust as reliable. Remarkably, I was sent an email today by a friend and trusted Bible teacher about the Obama Administration that I strongly suspected was false, and checked on it via the usual urban legend websites that keep track of this stuff, and yes, the story was doctored footage originally aired on a comedy channel, but is now being circulated as fact, not comedy. I warned my friend of the hoax. And then I get nailed with one.

This time, because the story was put up by a respected media source, I trusted it and put it up. As Ed pointed out today on Twitter, Todd's report was much more restrained and careful than some of the more vehement things circulated out there. But we all—me included—need to be more careful and either doublecheck things or wait a while to post things to see if more facts come out. It's a shame in a way, because who has time to spend eons doing research on every report we see. But I'd rather be right and trustworthy rather than to circulate a false report. Scripture is pretty severe on bearing false witness.

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