Friday, June 07, 2013

Illinois and Concealed Carry

This was a notable week in Illinois. The Democrat-controlled legislature finally passed concealed carry legislation. It's been a big fight to push it through, especially because anti-gun legislators from Chicago fought it every step of the way. Here is the actual bill if you want to read it in detail.

Senator Dave Syverson (R-Rockford) helped lead the fight to get it passed. Yesterday, he issued a statement that I am posting below . . . 

We also have to understand the political realities. State government is run by members of the Democratic Party, and many of them, especially those from Chicago, are opposed to any kind of law permitting the carrying of a concealed weapon. This bill is not perfect, and I readily admit that. But, this bill creates a uniform statewide standard for the carrying and transportation of handguns. There won't be a patchwork of local ordinances making Rockford, Belvidere, DeKalb, and any number of cities around the state different from community to community. It has taken us years of work to get this far, and it will likely continue to take time to make the legislation stronger.

We must remain vigilant. There will be many anti-gun forces from Chicago who will immediately begin to try to undo all the progress we've made reaffirming this fundamental right. And, it isn't clear yet whether Governor Pat Quinn will sign the bill or veto it. If you want to call the Governor and encourage him to sign HB 183, please call his office at (312) 814-2121.

Dave is exactly right. Given the state of the legislature controlled by Democrats from Chicago, and because of Democratic Governor Pat Quinn - no friend of conservatives or our Second Amendment rights - and flip-flopper on the death penalty - and we got our 13th downgrading from Fitch under his governorship - it's amazing this much could get done. 

On this and many other issues, there are "purists" who will yell because they don't get the whole ball of wax immediately, and will criticize Dave and other lawmakers who are on their side for not pushing through the impossible. Please stop it, folks. Dave is right. This is the best that could be done given the political realities. But he is not giving up, other conservative lawmakers are not giving up - and those of us who believe in our Constitution are not giving up. This is a fight we're going to have to keep fighting until we win and get everything we want in the end. Dave and the others need our support and prayers. And more of us need to get involved in the fight and not just criticize from the sidelines. 

As an aside, are you a member of the National Rifle Association yet? If not, join.

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