Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Revisiting Christians and Potty Mouths

In a moment, I am going to link to a post that I put up in the early days of The Seventh Sola. It was back in the days when the battle with postmodernism and the Emergent Church had just begun, and many professed Christians seemed to think nothing was wrong with having a garbage mouth. It was more "real" and "authentic."

Of course, I did not agree and neither do most serious, conservative Bible scholars, pastors and teachers. This is an article written several years ago by Eric Pement, former editor of Cornerstone Magazine and missionary with Jesus People USA in Chicago. While I might not go quite as far as Eric does with some words (shucks being a good example), his point is well taken and ought to be seriously considered by Christians who want to be good ambassadors of Christ, and to represent their Lord well before a fallen world.

If our behavior, actions, lifestyle, and speech are indistinguishable from the lost, then we might as well chuck it all out the door, shut up and go home. We need to clean up our mouths, brothers and sisters. People are watching, and above all, so is the Lord. Vile speech does not please Him or give Him glory.

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