Monday, July 01, 2013

Angry Atheists

Well, they're at it again. The militant atheists, I mean.

If you didn't see it on any of the TV newscasts, you can see what I am talking about here via this article.

American Atheists is raising funds to erect atheist "monuments" nearby other long-standing Christian or religious monuments across the country. Here's a clip from the article:

It's a bench engraved with quotations from America's founding fathers, a prominent atheist and the penalties for violating each of the biblical commandments that are displayed a few feet away.
Hundreds gathered in light rain on the courthouse square in Starke Saturday for the dedication. American Atheists, the organization that led the effort, said it's the first atheist monument on public property in the United States -- and it will be the first of many.
President David Silverman said they intend to start placing monuments next to every public religious display in America, and they've secured anonymous funding to build and place up to 50.
Silverman encouraged those in attendance in Starke to let the organization know if there's a public display in their community.
"American Atheists will work with them to ensure truth is placed next to the lies, civility next to barbarism," he said.

Truth and lies? Civility and barbarism? I haven't seen much of Mr. Silverman, but I do remember the former head of this organization, Robert Sherman. He wasn't the nicest individual you ever saw if you watched any interviews with him. But no matter who the head of the organization is, civility is not really what they have in mind. They're only doing this for one reason, and that is to be insulting and ugly.

It's fascinating. For a group of people so insistent that God does not exist, they sure seem awfully bothered by Him, and even more so people who believe in Him. To me, they seem like the real "haters" out there.

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Solameanie said...

And by the by...I would not be surprised at all if notorious atheist and global meddler George Soros was one of the anonymous donors.