Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Getting Guns Right in Ill-Annoyed

Illinois is a really benighted place. We haven't had a reasonably decent state government since Gov. Jim Edgar (R) was in office. And even then, Chicago politicians and their like always caused issues. As goes Chicago, typically goes the state.

Governor Pat Quinn (D) is a great example of someone who really doesn't give a rip what the people who elected him think. On the issue of gun rights, downstate Democrats and Republicans are largely agreed and freedom/Constitutional-minded. We believe in the Second Amendment and our RIGHT to keep and bear arms. Chicago's mayor and related lawmakers do not (no matter what comes out of their mouths). Enter Gov. Quinn's latest action on the issue. Read the linked Fox News piece. The Mighty Quinn used his "amendatory veto" to change the bi-partisan legislation passed to allow for concealed carry, adding a bunch of stupid restrictions that make the bill meaningless.

Annoying. Infuriating. But totally expected. And I hope that the legislature will override this veto in sufficient numbers to send a clear message that our RIGHTS will no longer be infringed in this nanny state on steroids.

I mean it took forever to even legalize SPARKLERS here for the 4th of July. The name of the state really should change from Illinois to "Ill-annoyed."

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