Monday, July 29, 2013

Medicare: A Planned Catastrophe?

As the political battle over Obamacare continues at full throttle in the nation's capital, it's more and more evident that one Democratic Senator's description of the health care law as a "train wreck" is spot on correct. Not that it will make any difference to the president or his team.

Check out this Newsmax article on doctors opting out of Medicare. Obviously, if this trend continues, it will have an enormous impact on senior citizens and their families. My own 90-year-old mother is on Medicare and has supplemental insurance through AARP—which, by the way, continues to skyrocket in price every year.

One can't help wonder if all of this is not intentional. I tend to believe it is, as with most things done by the Obama Administration. The talking heads keep saying he's clueless, in over his head, incompetent etc. No, he is not. He knows exactly what he is doing. He wants to transform the country from the ground up, like he's said all along. And the level of destruction that will be meted out along the way is, well...just too bad.

I just wish the GOP would get a backbone, and that more Americans would wake up and see what is being done to this country.

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