Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Mexican Cartels in Texas?

When I saw this headline yesterday,I was a bit surprised. According to the Examiner, the Los Zetas drug cartel based in Mexico has seized two ranches in Texas.

Two questions? First, what is Homeland Security doing, or going to do about this? That's uppermost on the list.

Second, will Governor Rick Perry step in with the National Guard if the Feds don't do their job? I hope so, but with the National Guard federalized since the days of Eisenhower, there may not be much hope of that.

I am increasingly of the opinion that National Guard federalization needs to be reversed. It never was the intent of the Founding Fathers that state militias be subsumed by the federal government. Eisenhower did it to enforce desegregation. A laudable goal, but in my view, an unconstitutional solution to the problem. The Founders never intended for the federal government to be the behemoth it is now. It will take a major miracle to reverse course. Once an entity gets power, it is very loath to give it up without a fight.

God help us that it never has to come to that.

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