Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Obama: "Phony Scandals?"

After 30 plus years of watching politics, you'd think I'd not be taken aback so easily. I've seen a lot of chutzpah and bold-faced lies through the years, and not a little braggadocio.

During a tiresome economic speech today, President Obama rapped the GOP for raising up phony scandals.

Phony scandals? I beg to differ. Even Richard Nixon at the height of Watergate (in which no one died) hasn't had the litany of things that have broken loose under the Obama Administration. Benghazi. The IRS being used as a political weapon to such an extent with ties pretty close to the White House. Overlooking the Black Panthers and voter intimidation. Ignoring border security to a dangerous extent. Bypassing Congress with unconstitutional recess appointments made when Congress was not in recess. I could go on.

If the GOP has the moxie (which I doubt these days), they could make Barack regret those words. I had hopes that the Republicans might do well in the mid-term elections. Right now, they're so feckless I'm not sure we can do it.

I'm about ready to declare myself a conservative independent.

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