Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Why Did Charles Schulz Seem to Lose His Faith?

I've been a Peanuts fan since childhood. In addition, I had grown up being told that the late Peanuts creator Charles Schulz was a Christian believer once active in the Church of God (Anderson, IN).

Only in recent years did I discover that Mr. Schulz apparently began losing his faith later in life, and was even quoted in an interview saying he'd become a "secular humanist."

In this article, Dr. Russell Moore takes a look at Charles Schulz and offers up a sober reflection on what could have led to such a loss of faith after so many years of reflecting biblical values in his comic strip.

As Dr. Moore says, I hope Mr. Schulz was able to come to genuine saving faith at the end. But given what the biography says, and the testimony of his family and lack of any expression of faith in family life, one has to wonder what was there all along. If anything.

But rather than end on a grim note, I always like to note that God always has the last word. In the Peanuts TV Christmas special, Linus still reads the Gospel story from the book of Luke and the message gets out. Kind of like what happened in the Star Trek series and movie. I always got a chuckle at how the series (TV and movies) would tend to refer to biblical matters as "myth." But then when Spock dies in "The Wrath of Khan," they send Spock's body out to the "Genesis" planet with Mr. Scott playing "Amazing Grace" on the bagpipes.

God always has the last word.

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