Monday, August 05, 2013

Fixing the "Debates"

Interesting little political item linked in the Drudge Report and other places today. Looks like GOP chairman Reince Priebus (pictured right) is threatening to shut NBC and CNN out of the Republican debates if the networks continue on with what are purported to be gush films for Hillary Clinton. You can read up on it here at Politico.

For what it's worth, this is a great time to fix the major jokes that pass for "debates" these days. They aren't debates. They're glorified press conferences "moderated" (read that controlled) by biased reporters.

Get the media out of it except for coverage and airing. Have two genuinely neutral moderators from the poly sci departments of some colleges or universities, or even a forensics professor. And then, make it a real DEBATE by debate rules. Have the candidates genuinely debate issues instead of responding to questions. Pick the subjects and let them go at it, with the only rules being that a certain amount of time is given for each subject, and that candidates are not allowed to interrupt each other. Do it like Lincoln-Douglas, even. We could ditch "moderators."

I know the media will howl. The consultants will say "everyone will be bored to death. We can't take the time for a real debate in this sound-bite age.

Bull. Yes we can. It's important for the country. And trust me. More people will pay attention than you think. And we just might be able to weed out the weeds and get someone in office who is worthy of the position.

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