Thursday, August 01, 2013

O: Flying the Economic Plane into the Ground

I've said for quite a long time now that I think folks who say Barack Obama is "in over his head" and "doesn't know what he's doing" are missing the mark by a long shot. He knows PRECISELY what he is doing. It's intentional.

If I may, allow me to show you this little "go figure" story from earlier today, thanks to The Weekly Standard and other sources. Looks like the president's um, brilliant, latest (actually regurgitated) proposal is to lower the taxes on corporations and substantially HIKE the taxes on SMALL BUSINESS. Amazing to anyone with even a modicum of economic reason.

Small businesses are one of the key engines that drive our country, not large corporations, although to be sure such corporations have their place in the economic pie. But O has been running around hither and thither yapping about wanting to "help the middle class," to "get the economy moving again," to "help small business." Yeah, right. He's going to help small businesses by laying on them a big tax increase in the middle of a moribund economy that only demonstrated 1 percent growth in recent months, and even that figure is suspect.

A significant hunk of small businesses fail in their first year or two. They don't need more taxes just when they're trying to get going again. Join all this with what the cancerous health care law is doing to businesses and non-profits across the country. More and more establishments are cutting staff, cutting hours to part-time, incomes are dropping or at best stagnant. It's not a pretty picture, folks.

But realize this. What's going on right now is precisely what Barack Obama and his acolytes want. When the private sector strangles to death, the governmental sector gains more power. We all know that command economies eventually collapse and die in toto. But he's not worried about that. He's worried about fundamentally transforming the United States into socialism. Even if he isn't the one to personally see the complete transformation through, he's happy to lay the groundwork for those who come along afterward to carry on.

Sadly for the United States, the only ones who can stop him seem to be more intent on eating each other alive instead of focusing their energy on where it belongs.

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