Monday, September 09, 2013

A Controversial "R" Rating

Through the years, I know that many have scratched their heads over the MPAA's rating system for movies. Ratings have always been a source of controversy, and we've heard most of the arguments. PG movies typically do better at the box office than R movies, yet Hollywood loves to push the envelope, so we seem to see quite a few R-rated flicks. It's artistic, you know (sarcasm).

PG (Parental Guidance suggested) used to be fairly tame, but they had to come up with PG-13 later because some material was thought too over-the-top for anyone under 13 (and quite frankly, there are some PG movies I wouldn't take a 13-year-old to see). Remember the kerfuffle over ditching the infamous X-rating in favor of what is now NC-17? Anything rated X had the pornography stigma, and in my view, such a rating was perfectly appropriate. There are quite a few R movies that would receive an X rating if I was the one handing them out.

All of that introductory musing to introduce this column by Todd Starnes. Todd is discussing a new movie called "My Son," which was produced by Retta Baptist Church in Texas. The movie got slapped with an R rating, which obviously has the church outraged because that may hurt the box office, and keep the intended audience out of the theatre - the intended audience being churchgoers or church-friendly.

According to the church, there is some violence in the film connected with a hostage situation depicted in the film, plus some drug use, but neither being gratuitous or gory. Was the film given an R rating because Hollywood doesn't like the Christian content of the film? The church thinks so.

And it may well be. There are far, far worse, more violent films that get a PG-13. We'll see how creative they get with their explanations over time.

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