Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Rare Radio Opportunity

I recently became aware of a very rare broadcasting opportunity coming this October from the Federal Communications Commission—an opportunity that needs to be snapped up quickly by churches that have schools connected with them. Here is the information about it.

To be specific, I would love for some solid, conservative, Reformed theology-type churches with church schools or Bible schools to take advantage of this. Most of the large Christian broadcast networks are pretty much controlled by charismatic interests, and while there is some good programming on these networks, there is also an awful lot of horrible theology that gets aired on them.

These are low power FM licenses that are being made available, so the signal reach of each new station would be fairly limited. However, through the internet and networking, the reach could be multiplied.

For every solid church out there that might want an opportunity to have a radio ministry, there are probably tens if not thousands of cults and crackpots out there to compete. Prayerfully seek the Lord about this, and if He so leads, by all means, apply!! Sound biblical theology is needed now more than ever!

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