Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Contempt for the People

By now, it's getting routine. The American people make it abundantly clear that they don't want something that the Administration of Barack Obama is pushing. Loudly clear. But the Administration ignores the people and does what it wants.

The latest is the recent action by Secretary of State John Kerry to sign a UN Treaty on Small Arms. He signed it despite very clear polls that the American people want our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms left alone, and that we also want the United Nations to butt out. Kerry signed it (at Obama's direction) despite a clear, bi-partisan word from the United States Senate that the treaty was dead on arrival.

This is sheer arrogance and reveals a dictatorial heart. The health care fiasco was a great example - the way that got rammed through despite the electorate's wishes. They refuse to repeal it despite the clear wishes of the electorate. And now this.

I think that "We the People" had best wake up to what's going on around us. Clean house in 2014's mid-terms, including replacing some RINO Republicans who usually back the Democrats when it counts. Then put the White House back in the hands of someone who respects and values our history as a Republic, and our Constitution.

Whoever it is, they will have a horrible time repairing the damage done by Obama's eight years in office. If the damage is even repairable.

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lee n. field said...

They don't listen. That's dangerous.