Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Question Worth Asking

I do a lot of pondering, and it's increasing the older I get. Today on my drive into the office, I was contemplating the state of the world, and some things in my own personal life that are current challenges, and challenges I expect to have in the days ahead.

This train of thought continued as I arrived and began setting my day in order. In the course of all of my thinking, I found myself in a short prayer: "Lord, how long will it be before You come and take us out of all of this?" And shortly afterward, I had a twinge of conviction that led to this question:

"When we pray for the Lord's soon return, is it because we long to see Him, or is it because we just want to escape our circumstances?"

It's a question worth asking. The former is a must, and the latter is very human. However, the former ought to outweigh the latter. Sometimes, I am not sure that it does.

May the Lord change that in me. I want to see Him first and foremost. Everything else will work out.

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