Thursday, November 21, 2013

Harry Reid Will Rue the Day (Again)

It looks like Harry Reid, the Skeezix of the Senate and current Democratic Majority Leader, is at it again with dictatorial tactics to ramrod his will through the chamber in concert with Barack Obama. You'll get the gist of it here at FNC. The Washington Post and other media have articles about it also. Basically, Harry shredded long-standing Senate rules and tradition to ram through controversial nominees (or legislation) through the Senate by simple majority vote - 51 votes. In Washington-speak, this has always been called the "nuclear option." When Republicans had the majority and control of the Senate, they threatened this maneuver over constant Democratic obstruction, but never carried it out. They heeded concerns of cooler heads that this would ultimately be destructive to the Senate as a whole as it was intended to function - the "cooling pot" of legislation. It was intended to be slower and more ponderous than the House. In good compromise legislation, no side gets everything it wants, and the legislation can turn out much better for the country in the long run. No such luck this time.

With this sleazy move, Harry is getting his petulant way for now. But more moderate Democrats in the Senate such as Joe Manchin (D-WV) and others are warning that Harry will rue the day he did this. Sooner or later, the GOP will regain control of the Senate. And when they do, they will have every reason to use the tactics employed against them, although Democrats did plenty of hypocritical huffing and puffing when the GOP said they "MIGHT" adopt the tactic. They were all against it then. But most of them love it now. Obama, of course, applauds, because it helps throw the country into even more division and disarray.

End game: there will eventually be hell to pay for this. Blame Harry Reid, Barack Obama, and all the others who rammed this nonsense through. And as for complaints over Republican opposition, check your history and your Constitution. Senators who are in minority parties have been given certain rights to be sure that every voice is heard and taken into account.

I really grieve at the damage this group of clowns is doing to the nation. If the electorate returns control to this bunch in 2014, then I am afraid they deserve what lies ahead.

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