Monday, November 18, 2013

I Spy, You Spy?

I must say—I think this is probably the longest time ever that I have gone without posting SOMETHING to the Seventh Sola. Profuse apologies offered, but the excuse is the same as always. A personal schedule that has been out of control, plus personal and family illness. I hope to be back to some semblance of normalcy now, for what falls under the category of normalcy with me of late.

What got my attention today was this story from FNC Looks like the Russians want to put up GPS monitoring sites up on U.S. soil. The State Department under John Kerry seems all for it, but our CIA and military are dead set against it, not surprisingly.

My comment? I've had a pretty dim view of the State Department for quite a while, no matter who sits in the Secretary position. Commentators galore have criticized State's policies and actions for many years. While noting the dedication and devotion to country of specific diplomats and even Secretaries, there has been ongoing concern about the bureaucracy and career staff that passes intact from Administration to Administration.

Have they completely lost their minds? I'd say yes.

And of course, this latest incident comes with all the other wreckage from the Obama Administration to date. What's next? Letting North Korea set up a shadow government in D.C.?

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